Friday, 25 June 2010


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  1. ANSWER THE FOLLOWING QUESTIONS Xabier lizarraga y Andrea Bernat

    1. Why do you think Johnny Cash gave a concert for an audience of inmates at Folsom State Prison?
    He did it to renew his career and remind inmates they was in jail.

    2. Was Johnny Cash a contradictory man? Why?
    Yes, because he said he had quited drugs but actually he had not done it.

    3. What happened to Cash´s brother?
    He was killed by a saw

    4. Was Johnny Cash ever arrested?
    Yes, because of he had hidden drugs into his guitar while he was in the airport

    5. Johnny´s relationship with his father was difficult. Why?
    Yes, because his father always blamed Johnny for his brother´s death

    6. What kind of music genres did Cash compose and play?
    Country,folk and gosspel

    7. He used to dress in …...................

    8. Describe your favourite scene
    The scene when he felt down into the lake, because is funny is when he and June
    began a new stage of their relationship

    9. Cash cultivated an outlaw image. Was it real or just an image?
    It was just an image because although he got drunk and high in the bottom of his heart he had godness joy and love

    10. Did you like the film?. Why/Why not?
    We liked it so much, because is a beautiful real and touching story. It showed us another type of music we had never listened